About Us

In Arabic, Zarkasha means embellishment. The brand name was chosen to resonate with the inclination and penchant of the creative team for adorning each attire intricately and elaborately so it stands distinctly apart. It was the brainchild of three sisters, Fatima, Khadija and Hafsa who set out in 2019 with a dream to design and create unique couture pieces that speak luxury and glamour but are still affordable.

Thereafter, it has been an amazing journey of continual and utmost strife to help provide premium quality products to our valued patrons. Attention to even the minutest of details is what distinguishes our work from the rest.

The design team at Zarkasha is consistently inspired by South Asian culture, art and artisanship. Encouraging and keeping the local craftsmanship alive is at the heart of our brand ideology. A variety of skills of the local artisans and traditional techniques are brought into play like printing using hand carved wooden blocks, intricate hand embroideries and opulent hand embellishments, to name but a few. As a result, each collection is a labour of love crafted painstakingly, designed to last and hence extremely close to our heart.